10 minutes of kindness – through words

Write about anything for 10 minutes (daily post prompt):

Is the hardest thing you do really to accept who you are, or is it to let go of who you think you should be?

Breathe. You are good enough. Breathe and relax. You are better than what you give yourself credit for.

When you`re stressing around, do you remember to breathe? Do you ever remember to stop – to breathe, to relax. Take in the fact that you are doing your very best to be the best version of who you, that you can be. RIGHT NOW. Your very best. You are doing it.

You ARE doing your best. You are good enough. You aren´t wrong.

Not even now, doing something new, not wrong. You´re trying. You´re doing something which perhaps you´ve never done before. You´re not wrong. There is no right or wrong, there´s just your own way.

You´re following your own way. You don´t know when it´s going to stop, but you´re walking it, and it´s your way. Your choice. Your freedom.

You are good enough. Your way is good enough. You´re not alone. But you have a choice to be kind. To yourself.

You deserve to be kind to yourself – be somebody for yourself, in order to be somebody for somebody else. You are good enough. You can breathe, relax.

You are good enough, and you´re doing your best.


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