Learn as if you were to live forever

I love this idea. The complete quote goes like this: «Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever» – Mahatma Ghandi.

I find it inspiring. It makes me feel that it´s never to late to start learing something new, to grow, to change, to take charge, to find a new direction, attain new knowledge.

It gives me hope that change is possible and that it is within reach to become a whole person. I´ve been, and still am, stuck in many thought patterns and habits. They color how I see the world and live my life – and old habits die hard.

For instance, I can quite easily despair when I feel that I´m stuck in a situation where I feel powerless, out of control, unable to affect the situation, unable to change how I feel and think about the situation. I freeze, I panic, I despair.

Ever seen a squirrel assessing the situation? It´s alert, still, almost frozen, but ready to fight or flight in seconds – if needed. I´m not a biologist, I don´t know squirrel behaviour – any errors are completely my responsibility 🙂

I´m not sure I believe this pattern is something I can get rid of completely, but I do believe – and inspired by Ghandi – that knowledge is a key. The more I learn about how I tick, and the more tools I get to help me, the easier I believe it will be to add new patterns, or alter old ones.

For now I´ll keep learning.


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